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Charity organisation

You can make a change in the life of one child today. HELP now!


Charity donations give orphans happy tomorrow


Every year a lot of children become orphans even if their parents are alive. Some get to orphanages from the maternity homes where mothers leave them, others get there from problem families being withdrawn by the socio service. No matter what the reason is, living in an orphanage is very difficult. Orphans have no property of their own – everything is common, older and stronger children can easily take what you thought was yours. Orphans have no good conditions for obtaining high-quality education and become competitive members of the society in the future. Orphans have no culture of rest and entertainment. And, what is extremely important, orphans have very limited possibilities of medical treatment if required. These and many other problems can be effectively solved by charity donations.

Charity donations are based on trust. A sponsor trusts the information about the child’s problem and believes the money will be spent on finding the solution to that problem. Every year orphanages need to buy clothes, educational literature, furniture and computer equipment, hygiene products for every child. Financing done by the state is enough for the orphanage to survive but not to thrive. Still, among orphans there are smart children with great potential who may become teachers, doctors, scientists, businessmen etc. These children need favorable environment and financial support for their potential to show itself.

People often find excuses for not donating little money to an orphanage. They complain of being poor themselves, of false information on the internet sites or TV or find some other reason. Sometimes the question is “Why should I give money I’ve earned so hard to somebody I’ve never seen?” On the streets there are a lot of volunteers gathering money for specific children. TV and other communication channels promote the idea of mercy and compassion.

If you are not sure if the information is true you can contact the orphanage personally and find out the real state of things. You can even arrive there and get acquainted with a child in need. You can accompany the child at different stages of medical treatment, for example. If you want to help you will not find excuses, instead you will search for ways to make sure your help will reach a specific person.

If you cannot save the world save one kid’s life. This will be enough make the world a little better.